Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gandhi, Modi and the Aam Admi

These are the days where you can expect high number of clicks for the above words, especially  ‘Modi’. I thought every one is out there making a fortune, why not me  have a fraction of it ? After all I am one those Mango People, always excited about getting something unexpected, be contended and and never ever complain. I wish many would click on this article so that  my blog traffic is increases and google adsense would approve my application for hosting advertisements. 

Everyone is trying to grab their share of pie after all millions being spent on all kinds online/offline campaigns and rallies by the political parties. Modi seems to be getting high number of clicks on  social networks, blogs, websites carrying him and his wisdom. Media including TV channels out there waiting for fiery speeches and interpret in their own way providing enough masala to change your thoughts their way.

It is high time that Political ( PM) aspirants come out with their agenda for development rather throwing mud at each other. Narendra Modi who is the virtual Prime Minister ( thanks to Media for creating hype around him) of India needs to focus more on way forward and tell his audience what plan he has in mind other than giving mouthful to his opposition. Let him state clearly what is his focus is ( recently shiva sena has criticized Modi for not talking about Ram Mandir and uniform civil code).

such schemes will not have long term impact
I am not a fan either of Rahul or Modi,  I am waiting for someone who has a concrete development agenda (definitely not Gujarat model of development), move away from traditional vote bank welfare schemes. I really liked the RTI, RTE & DTB through Aadhar ( something is better than nothing). There's lot going on in the Skill development sectors too, NSDC, SJSY/SJRY, NRLM etc. Thanks to the UPA for the same, however it missed the track from there on. Corruption is at its peak ( though you can not blame the Govt. alone). Lined up scams have really paved way to its decline in popularity.

We need more transparent leaders and the Government who not only design good project but implement them effectively. Gujarat model of development, benefited largely to the business class, increased foreign investment doesn't indicate improved social status, for example the  sex ratio in the state is one of the lowest (918) and Child sex ratio is  only 886 in Rural and 852 in Urban.( data source, Guj Govt website and Census 2011)

In the recent rallies nether Rahul nor Modi have neither demonstrated  any leadership qualities that Modern India wish to see in their future leaders. We the common people of India wish to see the leaders
who are  well behaved, sensible and have some concrete development agenda in their minds.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Writer's Choice-Must Read: Its FREE

Do you want work?  
Ans: No I don’t have to work anymore
What d you do for living?
Ans: Nothing I don’t have

to do anything
What the hell how do you survive?
It’s very easy: I have BPL card
-I get 30 Kgs of Rice for Rs.1 every month, I use 15kgs, rest I sell it in the market
-I have free electricity.
-My kids get free food and milk at school
-I don’t have to pay school fees
-they got free cycles too
-I have free water supply
-I have a free TV for entertainment
-I have a free life and medical insurance
-Computer, technical education free- I have a BPL card
-Addition to that NGOs come and give free clothes, a pakka  house  with attached  toilets
-My loan is waived by the Government
-Government has completed all works here, so I get wages of 100 days anyways without working
-My stress in taken over by the Government (Public), so I can relax
-Got a Zero balance bank account all subsidy, pensions comes straight to that
Oh I see.. I need to rush now
Where you going
To get that Damn BPL card  
Ok thanks for talking..even I need to go check my mails, accounts balance and update my fb status in my tablet  which my son got other day- for FREE ..ofcourse..
Btw before you leave do you have card holder…
Yes for what?
I need to put my all cards together , have got hell lot of cards you see..BPL,  smart card, Voter, Aadhar, Health, ATM,……etc..etc..

Any comments ??

End of Part-1